St Mary's FieldsPrimary School

Ensuring that each child reaches their potential and develops an enthusiasm for lifelong learning


Who's Who



Teaching Staff  

Mrs Nott



Mrs Draper

Deputy Headteacher 

Miss HaycockSENCO/Inclusion/Pupil Premium Champion 

Mrs Alba

Phase Leader - Key Stage 1 & KTC Co-ordinator


Mr King

Phase Leader - Year 3-4 & English Co-ordinator 


Mr Khunti

Phase Leader - Year 5-6 & Maths Co-ordinator


Mr McFarland

Early Years Foundation Stage Co-ordinator


Ms Jowett

History Co-ordinator


Miss Drew

Design and Technology Co-ordinator


Mrs Furze

Reading Co-ordinator 


Miss A Forster

RE Co-ordinator


Miss R Forster

Geography Co-ordinator


Mrs Gadhok

Computing Co-ordinator


Miss Heath

English as an Additional Language Co-ordinator


Mrs Hill

PSHCE Co-ordinator


Mrs Holden

Reading EYFS Co-ordinator


Mr Jones

Science Co-ordinator


Miss Daye

Music Co-ordinator


Mrs Meredith



Miss Mee

PE Co-ordinator


Mr Stanley

History Coordinator


Ms Barrs

RE Co-ordinator


Miss C Sonora

Spanish Teacher




Teaching Support Staff


Mrs Burton    Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hurren     Higher Level Teaching Assistant and PSHCE Co-ordinator

Miss Walden   Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Eco Co-ordinator

Mrs Bell-Young  Teaching Assistant

Ms Blake         Teaching Assistant 

Ms Boal           Teaching Assistant 

Miss Burtonwood       Teaching Assistant 

Ms Dakin         Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Dhami      Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Halford    Teaching Assistant 

Miss Hare        Teaching Assistant 

Miss Hatton    Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Hendry     Teaching Assistant 

Mr Hewitt       Teaching Assistant

Mrs Khosla      Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Middleton  Teaching Assistant 

Mr Newcombe   Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Porter      Teaching Assistant 

Ms Rowan       Teaching Assistant

Mrs Stones      Teaching Assistant 

Miss Tebbutt  Teaching Assistant 

Miss Thompson  Teaching Assistant 

Ms Toon    Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Worrad   Teaching Assistant 

Mr Crossley    SEN Teaching Assistant 

Mr Brawn        SEN Teaching Assistan

Other Support Staff



Mrs Linnell 

Business Manager 

Mrs Lawton 

Administration Officer 

Miss Norman 

Administration Officer 

Mrs Sandhu

Administration/Finance Officer

Mr Bland

Site Manager

Mrs Dacey 


Mrs D Smith 


Miss Jarram 


Miss Micklewright


Miss McCallum 


Miss Baxter 

Lead Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Boal

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Faulkes 

Lunchtime Supervisor 

Mrs Dacey 

Lunchtime Supervisor 

Mrs Dhami 

Lunchtime Supervisor 

Ms Duncan 

Lunchtime Supervisor 

Mr Hewitt 

Lunchtime Supervisor 

Mrs A Maisuria 

Lunchtime Supervisor 

Miss McCallum 

Lunchtime Supervisor 

Miss Mee 

Lunchtime Supervisor 

Mrs Middleton 

Lunchtime Supervisor 

Ms Micklewright

Lunchtime Supervisor 

Mrs D Smith 

Lunchtime Supervisor 

Mrs Penalver Gomez 

Lunchtime Supervisor 

Mrs Winder-ColemanLunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Worrad 

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Bhatt

Lunchtime Supervisor