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The house system encourages constructive competition and gives pupils a sense of community and belonging. Every child in Key Stage 2 is put into a house and stays in their house until they leave for secondary school. Where possible, we try in ensure that all siblings are in the same house.


Our houses are named after trees on the school site. We have four Houses, each house is lead by a house captain, assisted by a vice-captain. The four houses are:

  • Birch House

  • Hazel House

  • Sycamore House

  • Willow House


Every week the house points from each class are counted and the house with the highest total for the week is awarded the house cup.


Each term, all the points are totalled and the house with the most points overall is offered a reward.

Happy Lunchtimes


At Saint Mary's Fields, we use the Happy Lunchtimes scheme. This allows the students to earn tokens from the Lunchtime Supervisors for good behaviour, being kind, helping others and showing good friendly behaviour.


Each House has a jar that these tokens can be put into, and each week these are counted up and additional house points added onto each House's weekly total.


Lunchtime placing Additional House Points
1st 50 points
2nd 35 points
3rd 20 points
4th 10 points



On a number of occasions, this has changed the final weekly positions, compared to just House Points alone!!

2020/21 Academic Year


Autumn Term


Congratulations to Willow House, who were our Autumn Term winners after a closely fought battle with Hazel House winning by just 18 points! 

As we were unable to have our usual 'Celebration Breakfast' event, each member of Willow received a Christmas Chocolate Lolly, which was enjoyed while watching the Pantomime.


Winter & Spring Terms


Due to Lockdown from January 2021, we weren't able to run our usual House Competition. The totals for the Winter and Spring terms have been combined.

Congratulations to Hazel House who won the combined Winter & Spring Terms.


Sports Days


Sports Days were held on Wednesday the 30th of June (Years 3 & 4) and Friday the 2nd of July (Years 5 & 6), with all Houses taking part to earn house points.


In Years 3 & 4, Sycamore were the overall winners with 967 points.


Sycamore were also the winners in Year 5 & 6 with 715 points.


House Football


On Wednesday 7th July, to celebrate England reaching the Semi-Finals of Euro 2020, we held a house football competition at Lunchtime.


After 12 matches across Key Stage 2, league tables were compiled for each Year Group and House Points awarded. Congratulations to Birch House who came out on top.


2020/21 Academic Year

Final Standings





Congratulations Willow House

2020/21 House Champions.

You will receive your reward in the first few weeks of the Autumn Term.