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Ensuring that each child reaches their potential and develops an enthusiasm for lifelong learning


Personal, Social, Health, Citizen and Economic Education


At St Mary’s Fields Primary School PSHCE is at the heart of all we do and is embedded into our whole school culture. PSHCE skills underpin and are developed within the whole school curriculum, in order to develop the whole child and prepare them for life and living in a diverse twenty first century.  Our PSHCE curriculum teaches the children to understand, self-reflect and value how they fit into and contribute to the world and enables our children to not only have a voice, but to use it in order to enquire, challenge and communicate their ideas and opinions confidently.   We provide children with a strong understanding of the diverse and complex world around them and support them in playing a positive role in contributing to the school and the wider community. Children are encouraged to actively use and develop their character muscles in order to become a good citizen.



Our Jigsaw PSHCE curriculum is designed to not only tackle a range of themes and issues, but also equips children with essential knowledge and skills needed for lifelong learning. Through carefully planned and resourced lessons, which support social, moral, spiritual and cultural development, children are taught the essential skills surrounding safeguarding issues and emotional well-being. The Jigsaw scheme of work not only covers the National Curriculum requirements, but also meets the specific needs of our pupils. The Jigsaw PSHCE curriculum has a comprehensive progression map, which shows the ongoing learning journey from EYFS to year 6.

The Jigsaw scheme is complemented by the use of the ‘Votes for Schools’ lessons and assemblies which provide the children with the opportunity to ask questions and allows their voices to be heard.

The ‘Everyone’s Welcome’ resources support the delivery of the objectives outlined in the Equality Act 2010 and promotes equality for all sections of the community.

The Route to Resilience character education is taught in all lessons and promotes self-esteem, self-reflection and self-development. 



By the time, our children leave us we believe our PSHCE curriculum will have allowed them to develop the vocabulary and the confidence needed to clearly articulate their thoughts and feelings in a climate of openness, trust and respect. Children are happy and excited about living in a community full of difference and diversity, whether that is through ethnicity, gender, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or religion.

Progression and Skills Map


 For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Mrs Hurren and I teach PSHCE across the whole of key stage one and two. PSHCE (personal, social, health, citizen and economic) education is a school curriculum subject through which children acquire knowledge and skills to stay safe, be healthy (physical and mentally) and prepared for life, and work. 


In school we follow the Jigsaw PSHE programme and they have put free resources on their website for parents to access. As part of the Jigsaw lesson we do a 5 minute meditation/mindfulness session. called, “calm me.”


Mindfulness can help them to find a safe, calm space within themselves, and when practised regularly has many benefits. Mindfulness means paying full attention to something. It means slowing down to really notice what you're doing.


The children respond very well to this and have become very good at it. The link has a guided, “calm me,” activity that you can try at home.


There are also several websites, videos or apps on line that you may find useful if you are considering using Mindfulness, such as:


Below are some useful links for helping children to cope with mental health matters.


Hopefully you find these resources useful 


Mrs Hurren x