St Mary's FieldsPrimary School

Ensuring that each child reaches their potential and develops an enthusiasm for lifelong learning




At St Mary’s we offer a varied and stimulating high quality program of activity to ensure that all children progress physically through a fully inclusive PE curriculum that inspires all.  All children are encouraged to be physically active and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We aspire our children to build character and adopt a positive mind-set and believe that anything can be achieved with determination, positivity and resilience.

The physical education curriculum inspires all pupils to succeed and fulfil their potential in competitive sports and other physically-demanding activities.  Our children have opportunities to compete in a wide range of activities.

Children are taught how to cooperate and collaborate with others, and work as part of a team, understanding fairness and respect for the rules of the sport and expected behaviour. 


The Physical Education Curriculum supports the whole school curriculum intent by delivering a curriculum that:

  • Ensures the children have the opportunity to make links within subjects, across subjects and to prior learning

  • Exposes children to a broad range of memorable experience beyond the classroom, inspiring our pupils to build a wider cultural capital and support their learning of new vocabulary

  • Encourages children to know and understand the importance of and have the means to lead a healthy lifestyle that has physical and mental health at the heart of it

  • Teaches children to not only have a voice, but to use it in order to enquire, challenge and communicate their ideas and opinions to problem solve and be creative

  • Requires children to develop skills to work collaboratively and independently in order to achieve better outcomes

  • Promotes the development of the child’s key characteristics that the school feels are essential for learning and living

  • Empowers our children to become independent and resilient in their learning and beyond

  • Motivates children to have high aspirations for their futures in learning, work and in wider life



Pupils are St Mary’s Fields participate in twice weekly high quality PE and sporting activities.  Our PE curriculum incorporates a variety of sports to ensure all children develop the confidence and appreciation of their own and others’ strengths and weaknesses.  We provide opportunities for all children to engage in extra-curriculum activities during and after school, in addition competitive sporting events. This is an inclusive approach which endeavors to encourage not only physical development but also well-being for all pupils.

The knowledge and skills progression map for Physical Education (Appendix A) is organised to ensure it is delivered in the manner it is intended and demonstrates that it consists:

  • How the skills and knowledge are designed, delivered and sequences, considering the planning of PE through the use of the Knowledge Organisers as our planning documents
  • The children have access to high quality resources, tools and well stocked equipment to enable effective curriculum delivery. We have a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) in the key stage 1 playground to allow the children to access games in a safe manner.  We have access to a reasonable size field and large outdoor spaces.  This gives our children various opportunities to access a wider range of sports and activities. 
  • How the curriculum suits the local needs – The school is part of the Leicester City School Sport and Physical Activity Network in which staff receive CPD opportunities. We also have LCFC come and deliver PE lessons for staff to get them trained up and provide additional CPD.
  • Offer a broad curriculum which covers a variety of different sports which incorporates swimming, big moves, funky feet and Sustrans
  • Have external links with Leicester City, Leicester Riders, Leicester Tigers and Leicestershire Cricket club who are all local to the school.  They deliver sessions both at school and external venues.
  • Access to many sporting competitions through the Leicester City SSPAN network to give the children opportunities to compete against other schools in a wider variety of sports and activities.


You can find the PE policy using the link below