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PATCH: Parents and Teachers, Carers and Helpers

The Parent Teacher Association for St Mary's Fields Primary School

4 July 2022

Friends, in our Christmas newsletter we let you know that PATCH would be closing as the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) for St Mary’s Fields Primary School. We can now confirm that



Why has PATCH closed?

The Committee

We were struggling to keep all places on the committee filled. Of course, we understand that people’s circumstances change and we sincerely thank everyone who has been able to keep PATCH going. We also appreciate that not all of our school community have time to spare or simply do not want to take on such responsibilities – that’s fine, we are not trying to make anybody feel guilty. However as trustees, the Committee still has legal responsibilities to keep PATCH running as a registered charity, which have, unfortunately, weighed heavily on us for a while.


Relationship with the school

All is not doom and gloom! PATCH was set up many years ago and a lot has changed since then. The main thing is that we gained a much closer relationship with the school.

    For more information, please see our Summer 2022 Final Update

    Minutes of our closure will be uploaded when ready.


    On this page you will still find:

    • newsletters
    • official stuff, including the Constitution (our rule book)​.

    You can find older newsletters in the Bits and bobs section below.