St Mary's FieldsPrimary School

Ensuring that each child reaches their potential and develops an enthusiasm for lifelong learning



Overview of the year



Autumn term

Spring term

Summer term

Week 1

Counting to 4

Revisiting the Numbers 3 and 4

Revisiting the Numbers 6 and 7

Week 2

Understanding 0

Week 3

Exploring the Number 3

Investigating the Number 1

Finding One More to 5

Week 4

2D Shapes

Exploring the Number 2

Week 5

Exploring the Number 4

Investigating 5

Finding One Less to 5

Week 6

Revisiting 2D Shapes

Further 2D Shapes

Week 7

Numicon to 3

Investigating the Number 6

Counting On and Counting Back to 10

Week 8

Week 9

Numicon to 4

Investigating the Number 7

Revision of 2D Shapes

Week 10

Week 11

Consolidation, assessment and revision

Consolidation, assessment and revision

Consolidation, assessment and revision

Week 12

When teachers’ ongoing assessments show that the children need more time and support in order to secure their understanding of a concept, they may need to diverge temporarily from this long term plan. As a result, more or less time may be spent on an area of learning than outlined above. Naturally, the amount of time spent on consolidation, assessment and revision will also vary depending on the needs of the class.