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Digital Detox

Dear Parents and Carers,


Digital Detox Day -Thursday


This week is Children’s Mental Health Week.

We recognise that for children, families and school staff, remote learning has been a new way for us to teach and support children and find new ways to engage children with learning. We also recognise, that remote learning can be frustrating and lead children and school staff to spend large periods of time on digital devices. It can also lead to worries for parents with having to ensure children are focused and complete work at home.

We would like to make sure that these times where children are at home, with their families can be ones that bring happy and positive memories. We also want to encourage children and families to have time together, to talk, play and do activities which do not involve digital devices.

With this in mind we have joined up with schools across Leicester City for a ‘digital detox day’. This will see thousands of children stepping away from computers, laptops, tablets and other digital devices and being encourage to do other activities.

So what will a digital detox day look like…

For pupils…

On Thursday there will be no remote learning digitally, no online check ins, no online feedback for pupils or school staff. Instead we will be sending you ideas for activities for your child and your family to do. These will be focused around mental health, wellbeing and talking to other family members. These are attached to the email. The school will be continuing this theme in school for those children attending.

For teachers…

Teachers will also not be online on Thursday. This will allow time for them to have opportunities to talk to colleagues, share ideas for good practice, review pupils learning for the week to support improving the learning experience and reduce their own screen time.


For parents…

Please take the time to have a break from ‘school work’. Instead use the time to spend with your child/children doing activities that you know they will enjoy – bake something, dance around the living room, have an indoor picnic, go for a walk and talk about what you see, play a board game or make a junk model. Please remember, that your mental health and wellbeing is important, so that you are able to cope with the challenges of remote home learning. So do try to find a few minutes of time which is just about you on the day too!

Attached are a range of ideas and activities to get you started but add in your own activities that you know your children will enjoy.

Our teachers will be back ‘online’ on Friday. We would love it if your child shares with us the next day what activities they did.

Yours sincerely,


Rebecca Dulieu

Head teacher


Detox Ideas

Detox Activities