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Change to end of term date


9 th December 2020


Dear Parents/Carers,


Important – Change to End of Term Date


Following guidance from the Department of Education, the last day of this term will now be Thursday 17th December. The Department for Education have agreed that schools can close one day early to support senior leaders who will have to continue to do track and trace, should a positive Covid case happen in school after closure, and to reduce the risk of COVID impacting on Christmas for both staff and you as families. Therefore, school will be closed to all pupils on Friday 18th December. School will reopen to pupils as planned on Tuesday 5th January 2021. We feel that this decision is right for our families and wider school community so that the possible need for individuals to isolate over the festive period is kept to a minimum. What to do if a child tests positive after school closure You only need to inform the school if your child tests positive if their symptoms start on Friday 18th December or Saturday 19th December or before. Please use this email address to tell us. If their symptoms occur after this date, then they are past the 48 hours of being in contact with others in school and therefore the school does not need to take any further action. Public Health England will take over track and trace in this instance. School leaders will continue to monitor the office email until 23rd December and it is crucial that you inform the school if your child tests positive for Covid up to and including this date.


To summarise:-

 Last day of term is now Thursday 17th December for pupils

 School is closed to all pupils on Friday 18th December 2020 and reopens Tuesday 5th January 2021

 Book a test URGENTLY if your child develops symptoms on Friday 18th December or Saturday 19th December or before. You can do this at

 Email if your child tests positive after developing symptoms.


We hope that you all have a restful Christmas and get to spend time with some of your loved ones.


Stay safe.


Yours sincerely,


Mrs Dulieu  

Head Teacher


Raj Gill-Harrison

Chair of Governors