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Apply for Free School Meals


Pupil Premium

The government allocates specific funding to help support families who are in receipt of free school meals now, or have been at any time within the last 6 years. This is known as ‘Pupil Premium Funding’.

We are instructed by the government to allocate funding in ways that we know will help you as a family, which in turn will help your children access everything possible, without prejudice, which is their right to do so.

More information about how St Mary’s Fields Primary School spends the funding is available on the school website.


St Mary’s Fields Primary School has allocated part of their budget to help families pay for residential visits, school trips and afterschool clubs .

We have also allocated funds for uniform, and shoes.

If there are other school related costs that you need help with, we may have access to funds that cover this for example peripatetic music provision, digital devices.


If your child is in receipt of FSM or ever has been in the last 6 years and you need help with any of the above, please contact Mrs Linnell in the school office.


Parents are encouraged to apply for FSM for their children, even if:

  • they do not want to eat school meals
  • they already receive universal infant free school meals in Rowan, Hawthorn, Year one or Year 2


If you are unsure whether you meet the criteria for free school meals, applications can be made:

Mrs J Linnell

Business Manager