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Be passionate about Music!


Music is a language that is understood by everyone and strongly develops creative thinking. Music education should be engaging as well as developing a love of music. Children will become talented musicians and so increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. As pupils progress, they will be able to listen and speak confidently about a piece of music allowing them to become composers of their own pieces



 Music Lessons are implemented on the basis of the Leicestershire Schools Music Service (LSMS) Scheme of work which begins in the Foundation Stage up to Year 6.

The scheme is based on the values and principles of the National Curriculum for Music 2021 and is designed to encourage all children from whatever background to be creative, self -confident and self- disciplined and most importantly to develop a deep love of music.

The LSMS music scheme of work has 6 units which cover all genres and techniques of music; the units are progressive and the pupils will build on their prior knowledge and musical skills as they move up the school thus ensuring that they become confident and talented musicians.

Once pupils get to Year 4; they will have half a year of learning a stringed instrument such as the Ukelele or Violin; this is always very well received by both staff and pupils.

The pupils learn to analyse their own musical knowledge and characters which in turn will develop and enhance their character muscles in music lessons.



Music is enjoyed by all pupils and staff at St Mary’s. As soon as the child starts school a love of music is instilled and making music in whatever form is encouraged throughout the school both inside as well as well as outdoors.

A love of singing is taught from the Foundation stage to KS2 and pupils participate in regular singing assemblies which builds upon their repertoire of songs different eras and genres.

Through the teaching of music pupils learn to be creative and confident in making music as well as having a critical ear when listening to different pieces of music; they become competent in musical notation as well as composition and are encouraged to perform their compositions in front of their peers which develops their confidence and musical ability.

How pupils achieve is assessed in each of the 6 units against the learning strands applicable for the unit so the impact of music teaching can be measured and developed throughout the school.


Progression and Skills Map