St Mary's FieldsPrimary School

Ensuring that each child reaches their potential and develops an enthusiasm for lifelong learning


Art and Design

Art & Design Curriculum



Where adults whole-heartedly accept children’s creations and help them to see them as something unique and valuable. The processes involved in the creation are recognised as the key to the child’s ability, rather than a judgement of the final product.

Where children develop a love of art and are inspired by a skills and knowledge rich curriculum that allows them to learn from the work of others, whilst allowing them to learn and practice new skills and by exploring and developing their ideas.



Lessons are designed to ensure coverage of the expectations set out in the 2020 Early Adopters EYFS Curriculum Framework and National Curriculum and offer the opportunity for both knowledge and skills progression.

Children are also encouraged to develop their emotional expression through their artwork and analyse their own work and that of others.

The learning of the technical language of art increases children’s vocabulary and it ensures that the child not only knows more, but that they are able to apply these new skills and understand these terms.

The Children are taught more about character education and are encouraged to work on developing their character muscles in their art lessons.



Art & Design is a subject that is enjoyed by teachers and pupils, there is a continued interest in the subject and new learning builds upon existing skills and knowledge.  

There is a higher expectation from teachers, they are confident in their teaching and the quality, and quantity of evidence is better presented.

Pupils are proficient in a range of techniques and use the language or art, craft & design. Pupils are able to speak confidently whilst evaluating & analysing their own work and that of others. Pupils know about great artists, craft makers & designers and know how art & design both reflect and shape history and contribute to culture & creativity.

Progression and Skills Map