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7. How will both you and I know how my child is doing?

7. How will both you and I know how my child is doing?


Your child’s class or group teacher will assess your child’s learning through all the work he does and check that he is making progress.  The teacher and maybe the SENCo will then meet with you 3 times a year to look at this progress and to see whether he is meeting his POP targets.  Together we will decide on new targets.  Sometimes we might need to work on certain targets for a little while longer.  This will be discussed at our termly meetings.



If your child has additional needs, this would mean:

  • That the teacher has the highest possible expectations for your child and all pupils in their class.

  • That all teaching is based on building on what your child already knows, can do and understand.

  • Different ways of teaching are in place so that your child is fully involved in learning in class.  This may involve things like using more practical learning.

  • Specific strategies (which may be suggested by the SENCo or outside agencies) are in place to support your child to learn.

  • Your child’s teacher will have carefully checked on your child’s progress and will have decided that your child has gaps in their understanding/learning and needs some extra support and intervention to help them to make the best possible progress. This may mean that they are taken out of their class for a short while during the week, as an individual or small group to work on carefully planned targets.

  • Your child’s targets are recorded and reviewed termly.