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12. What training has staff had in supporting children with special educational needs?

12. What training has staff had in supporting children with special educational needs?


All school staff has training on how to support children with more common SEND issues.  The St Mary’s Fields primary team also includes some highly trained staff in particular areas.  A child’s class and group teacher are responsible for the progress and development of the pupils in their class, despite any special need they may have.  However advice and support will be given by the SENCo and specialists from outside agencies.

The SENCo (Special Needs Co-ordinator) provides professional guidance to colleagues and works closely with staff, parents and other agencies.   At St Mary’s Fields this role is carried out by two teachers who are experienced in recognising different types of special needs and have knowledge about the possible needs of different SEND children and how they can best be supported with different teaching methods. These teachers are also responsible for meeting with. These teachers are also responsible for meeting with specialists and ensuring a child receives the support they are entitled to.  The SENCo's at St Mary’s Fields are Ms Jowett (Foundation Stage to Year 3) or Miss Haycock (Year 4-Year 6).


Learning Support Assistants / Teaching Assistants –

We have a team of well trained staff who have experience of supporting children with a wide range of needs.  At St Mary’s Fields Primary, our team strengths include supporting children with:

Emotional/social difficulties

Reading, Writing or Mathematical difficulties

Difficulties with receptive or expressive language

Physical disabilities, multisensory difficulties, mobility

Complex Needs- Down's Syndrome, Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Physical and medical needs

Sometimes children with complex needs may require adults to have additional training.  We aim to identify any requirements and ensure that the staff is trained in additional areas before working with a child.