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Maths at St Mary's Fields Primary School


Our maths curriculum is focused on supporting all our children with becoming confident and enthusiastic mathematicians. We are committed to ensuring that they leave primary school being able to use their maths skills and knowledge in a range of real-life situations. We also want them to be well-prepared for secondary school.


The way that maths is taught in schools has changed a great deal in recent years. Many schools, including St Mary's Fields, now use a mastery approach to teaching maths. This simply means that our approach is focused on helping the children to develop a deep understanding of what they are learning in maths. In the past, children were taught lots of methods without being given the opportunity to understand how or why these methods work. Research has shown that this is not a helpful way of ensuring that children become good mathematicians.


As part of our mastery curriculum, the children are encouraged to explore problems using different equipment to help them to understand the methods they are learning fully. The problems that they explore are designed to help them see the many ways in which maths is important to wider life and other curriculum areas. There is also a strong focus on helping the children to learn and use the vocabulary they need to explain their mathematical thinking. Teachers use a range of high-quality resources during lessons, including books from the Power Maths series. These books were written by experts in primary maths to support children with developing a deep and thorough understanding of their learning.


Please click the links below for an overview of each year group's maths curriculum.

How can I help my child with their maths learning at home?

To be successful in maths, it is important that the children have opportunities to practise their skills outside of school. We have therefore created a guide written by parents for parents with suggestions of quick and easy ways to get your child practising maths in the real world. A link to this guide can be found below.


Over the coming months, we will also be adding videos to our website, which you can watch with your child to support them with their maths learning. These videos will revisit the methods they have learnt in school. There will be worksheets for each video so that the children can then continue practising these methods at home.


In Key Stage 2, we also expect the children to practise their times tables regularly using Times Tables Rockstars. Children in Year 4 must take a national assessment during the summer term to check that they are able to recall all facts up to 12 x 12 in under 5 seconds. This is because fluent knowledge of the times tables is essential to their future success in maths. We therefore advise that the children spend at least 15 minutes a week practising their times tables - 2 or 3 minutes each day is ideal. Please support them with this. If your child needs their login details for Times Tables Rockstars, please contact their class teacher.


Please also speak to your child's class teacher should you need more specific advice or support with your child's home learning.