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Home Learning Year 5

Dear Year 5,


Welcome back!

For those of you who are currently unable to join us in school right now, we will now be using google classrooms to provide learning and your homework. A log in and guide will be provided from the school to support you accessing this.

If you have any questions about the work or need to speak to one of the teachers, remember that you can contact us on the email address:


We hope to see you soon,

Miss Drew, Mrs Dowson and Miss Forster

We are still loving your videos and photos! Science experiments, outdoor fun and art!

This week we have had photos of more Ancient Greek learning, science experiments and other fantastic family activities!

Hello delightful year 5! We have been loving seeing pictures of you all and hearing the things you have been doing at home. Your perseverance character muscle has definitely been working hard. Remember to do as much as you can. Please continue to keep in touch with us and ask any questions through our email.

Hello year 5! Don't miss out on amazing lessons taught by David Attenborough!

Where can you watch Sir David Attenborough's Bitesize lessons?

The lessons will be available on BBC Bitesize Daily (the bitesize website), on the Red Button and BBC iPlayer.

Bitesize Daily Primary Tuesday 16th June

5-7 Year Olds: The World. Continents.

7-9 Year Olds: The World. Latitude and Climate.

9-11 Year Olds: The World. Maps.

Bitesize Daily Primary Thursday 18th June

5-7 Year Olds: Oceans. Migration.

7-9 Year Olds: Oceans. Weather Patterns.

9-11 Year Olds: Oceans. Currents, weather and fish.

Pick and choose which ones you want to learn about.

For more information visit:

From Miss F :)

This year 5 has been working hard on earning their brownie badge and look at her incredible giraffe enclosure!

Miss Forster apologises for these pictures not appearing on our page sooner. Take a look at the cool architecture this year 5 has done!

Hello Year 5s! Take a look at these pictures that have been sent in by your busy friends enjoying the weather.

On Tuesday, you can sing at home with young voices. It starts at 2:30pm but you need to have signed up to join in before then. It is free and children all around the world will be singing 'Power in me'. Please follow this link: so you don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

Hello Year 5s! It's half term this week so if you want to save the work for next week and have a week off, that's totally up to you. If you decide not to do it, please do the work in order when we post the next lot. Have a lovely break. We all miss you.

More pictures of what you busy Year 5s have been up to. Lots and lots of fabulously completed homework. There's been some great crafting and some tasks to achieve scout badges. There's also a picture of a new arrival. I'll let you see if you can spot her!

Miss F's cake...

So sorry, Miss Drew forgot to put the maths on, on Friday. Here it is:

Another week has gone by and we are still missing you terribly. Here is some more work for you to complete and just remember to do as much as you can manage. If at any point you're struggling, please email Please keep safe, Miss Forster, Miss Drew and Mrs Dowson

More photos of our wonderful year 5s. This time we have Solar Systems, geography learning, baked cakes and some lovely time spent with our families. PS. All of these delicious looking cakes has inspired me to bake my mum's birthday cake. I shall show you my creation next week!

A camping 'trip', a teacher monster and a home haircut. I cannot wait to see all your hairstyles when you're back!


The BBC produced the play' Moondial' based on the book. Lesson 1 is to listen to the story. We hope you enjoy it

It's serious business in this Year 5's household! Mixing up potions, cooking with eggplants (aubergines) as well as completing all her work!

Here are some more pictures of our year 5s enjoying Easter, gardening and creating their teacher monsters!

Here is another week of learning for you all. Please remember to do as much as you can manage. We are all missing you a lot so keep us updated by email.

Also, if you are running out of things to do and would like more activities and learning, please visit 

Select an area your child would like to do and tick keystage 2 so it is appropriate for their age.

It is great to see our year 5s are being creative and more importantly having fun! This week we have had: painting slabs, baking and growing crystals.

Hello children and parents,

We all hope that you're still well and safe. I hear that many of you had an enjoyable Easter break which is great! You will now find activities for week 5. If you have missed weeks 3 and 4. You can either choose to go back and do some of those activities or carry on with week 5.

Please remember you can do as little or as much as you like and that we love to hear from you through our email 

I think some of you will need to come back to school soon for a break!

What a fabulous time to get creative! Just look at the busy work one of you has done!

Hello everyone, we hope you are all still well and keeping safe. Please find below the Year 5 lessons for week 4. These are only a guideline and do not have to be stuck to. Don't forget you can contact us all via email if you're unsure of anything or to send us photos and videos of what you have been doing.

More year 5 learning and Easter fun!

Some amazing work has been completed by our Year 5s. As helpful as always too.

Some more busy Year 5s. Enjoying the warm weather and completing some of the home learning tasks. Well done!

Here's a picure of a smiley Year 5 as she completes her Firebird work.

Some more wonderful pictures of busy Year 5s!

Wow! Just look at some of the things that you have been up to.



Hi all,

Miss Forster here.

I hope that you are all keeping safe and well. By now you should now that we have our own year group email:

Initially, this was for you to contact us with any issues you are finding. However, I would love to use this as a way for the children to see what each other is doing whilst most of us are staying at home. Please could you email me any photos of the family activities and topic learning you are doing that you are happy for me to share on the page. I am certain each child will enjoy seeing how their friends are completing things differently and that they are well.


I can't wait to see what you have been doing,

Miss Forster and year 5.

Hello everyone. Please find below the Year 5 lessons for the week. These are only a guideline and do not have to be stuck to.Don't forget you can contact us all via email if you're unsure of anything or to send us photos and videos of what you have been doing.

Family activities:

Spelling, writing and reading support:

Helpful tips for when you're listening to your child read.

The Lost Happy Endings (English unit)

A Leicester Guide to Richard III (Topic map work and writing)