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Home Learning Year 4



Hi all,


We are now posting work for home learning on our new Remote Learning Platform - Google Classrooms. Homework is also posted to this site.  A letter has been sent home with login-in details for your child, however if you need these again please contact the school office. 


Kind Regards

The Year 4 team

Dear Year 4,


Welcome back! For those of you who are currently unable to join us in school right now (whatever the reason), Mr. Stanley and Mr. King will keep this page updated with work to last through the week from the White Rose Hub and Oak Academy websites.


If you have any questions about the work (or anything else!), remember that you can contact the Year 4 staff at their email address, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Hope to see you back in the classroom soon!


Mr. Stanley and Mr. King

Home learning for week beginning 06/07/20


Dear parents and carers,


As this time away from school continues, the Year 4 team will provide updates to suggested work to supplement the packs your children took home with them. This is not something we expect you to stick to rigidly! It is simply a guide with ideas of activities for the children to be completing during this time. 


Some of these activities will not change as frequently as others (for example P.E. or spelling), but please do come back each week to see what new ideas we have added. Additionally, we will continue to add to the list of activities and challenges at the bottom of the page, and would love to see any pictures or videos you want to share on the site like the ones you can see at the bottom of the page. To share these moments, or ask us any questions that might spring to mind, please don't hesitate to send an email our way at with your child's name and class in the subject of the email, and we shall get back to you as soon as we can.


In addition to this, you can look to these websites for some fantastic resources and learning during this time to keep you going:

BBC Bitesize daily lessons

Oak National Academy daily lessons

White Rose Maths daily lessons

Myon online library

BBC Bitesize subjects area 

Jigsaw Families PSHE

Activity Zone

Tate Kids


Best wishes from both of us,

Mr. Stanley and Miss Mee



Suggested time



20 minutes (try to read every day!)

  • Read the Usain Bolt sheet below and answer the questions. After this, use the answers to check your work.
  • Read one the many books you can find here on the Myon website. This link will take you to the search page where you can filter by the type of book you want, the year group you are in, and lots more! Or…
  • Read a chapter from one of your books. If your book does not have chapters, read until you think it is a good place to stop. Remember to read with expression, and pay attention to the punctuation in the sentence. You might want to focus on a particular reading strategy when you read each day (think about things like visualising  wondering and predicting).


30 to 60 minutes


15 minutes

  • Practice the common exception words in your pack – you don’t need to do them all at once, just choose 5 – 10 at a time.
  • Try out some of the games and activities on spelling frame.


Up to 30 minutes


Up to 30 minutes

  • Complete this lesson about the circle of life.


30 – 60 minutes (these can be spaced out through the day)


Up to 30 minutes

Foundation subjects

Up to 60 minutes





  • Take a look at the history section of the BBC Bitesize website. They have lots of different types of history, including British and world history, or famous people and skills to help you in becoming a better historian.

Comprehension documents

Firework Maker's Daughter videos

Firework Maker's Daughter, Chapter 4

Firework Maker's Daughter, Chapter 5

Invisible ink

A quick chemistry activity you can try at home (with an adult!)


A science activity that Mr. Stanley has done this week in school with the key worker children and thought that you guys might want to see and maybe try for yourselves. Be sure to have an adult help you when handling the materials involved!

Baking with Mr. Stanley

Mr. Stanley did some baking this week and thought he'd use this as the first in the new group of videos giving you ideas on activities you could try at home.

Activities / challenges to have a go at:


  • Try Times Table Rock Stars - dressed as a rock star!
  • Create a colour wheel using items in your house
  • Record your life for a day (or week!) - you could write it down as a diary, or try making a vlog about it!
  • Recreate a scene from your favourite film
  • See how high you can build a house of cards
  • Research the invertebrates that live around your house and build a mini-beast hotel
  • Build a musical instrument and think about how the sounds it makes are made - can you change the volume and pitch?
  • Imagine you are a Viking who has suddenly found themselves in your house. What can you find that would be good to trade, and who might you trade it with?
  • Try out a new card game, then see if you can teach it to someone else
  • Play a board game or complete a jigsaw puzzle
  • Make a music video for your favourite song
  • See how epic you can make throwing a paper ball into the bin (safely!)
  • Challenge yourself to cook a meal for the family (making sure you are supervised or have permission first!)
  • Finish something you started but left incomplete
  • Create a story using things in your house - this could be written, using pictures, or even a video
  • Help an adult with something around the house - it could be cleaning, tidying, organising, or something else entirely
  • Challenge yourself to learn a new craft. You could try origami, sewing, or try making something out of different materials
  • One of the scavenger hunts below

Important notice!


Please send in any pictures or videos you have of yourselves working on your packs, or completing the challenges and activities to the Year 4 email address so that we can share them here for everyone to see!


We look forward to seeing what you have all been doing!

An important message from Darcy

Still image for this video
Good work on reminding people what's important Darcy!

I'm stuck at home - get me out of here!

Still image for this video
Emily has got everything planned out for once this is over!

A day in the life of Mr. Stanley

Mr. Stanley thought he'd share what he's been doing whilst we've been away.

Mr. Stanley recreates Jurassic Park

Still image for this video
The Year 4 team will post any clips of their attempts at the challenges and activities above here, but please do send in your own videos to share!

Ukulele home schooling from Mrs. Goldsworthy

Scavenger hunts

Additional activities you could try out with celebrities

Previous maths lesson worksheets and answers

Previous weekly arithmetics