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Home Learning - Year 3

Summer Term 2


Hello Year 3,


We have finally made it! The last week of the school year, and hasn't it flown by? Well done for your hard work this year - times have been extremely challenging but you have responded to these challenges with great resilience - well done to you all (including grown-ups smiley).


This weeks learning is a mixture of set work and free time to discover new things. There are a few videos to watch, a final round of learning in maths, reading and writing, and some time to explore and discover. Remember, this week we will be speaking to all of you online so look our for your time slot to meet your current year 3 adults, and also meet your new adults in year 4 smiley


New activities for the week have been added below.


Stay safe and have fun! 


Mr Jones and Mr Khunti

Home learning for week beginning 6th July 2020


Hello Year 3!


Below is a new list of activities for you to complete over the next week. You don’t have to print anything to complete the activities. You can do them in your spelling book or on spare paper. If you have missed activities from any of the previous weeks, you can still find these below too.


If you complete these activities, there are some super websites where you can find more: one of them is BBC Bitesize - where, every week, lots of famous people will be recording videos for online learning for many different subjects. The other website is Off School where amazing teachers from across Leicester are creating activities for you try at home. You might spot a teacher from St Mary's on there soon!


Thank you to everyone who has already shared their pictures and videos with us by sending them to the year group email address ( – it has been so lovely to see all the different skills you have been using at home. You can see these here. Please do keep sending us your pictures and videos so that we can add them to our gallery.


Wishing you all a fantastic week. Stay safe and take care.


Mr Khunti and Mr Jones



Time to be spent


(These are simply a guide.)



20 minutes a day (or more if you’d like!)

Pick one of the options below (you can do both if you would like, though!):


Online learning – As it's the last week of school, we thought we would have some fun - this weeks reading comprehension sheet is all about comedian and author David Walliams. Read the text about and answer the questions in your exercise book. You can look at the answers once you have finished and mark your work. The text contains different levels of challenge to have a go at - start at page 1 and see how you get on!


This website also has lots of books you can read online:


Offline learning – Read one of your favourite books, focusing on answering questions as you go along. I wonder what...? I wonder when...? I wonder how...?


Up to 1 hour a day

There is a short English lesson for each day. This weeks lessons focus on story writing. It is important to do as much as you can manage.



Reading Comprehension: To make inferences and predictions



Reading Comprehension: To find word meanings



To identify the features of a story



Key feature: SPaG focus



To use key features in order to write own composition


Offline learning option: Imagine that there is such a thing called a 'dream giver'. They go around making people's dreams come true! Write a story about a dream giver - What do they look like? Who's dream do they make come true? How did they do it? What was the dream? What happened? How did the adventure end?! Be as creative and imaginative as possible, and remember to use lots of punctuation :) Send us a picture of your writing once you have finished.


Up to 30 minutes a day

We are now on summer term - week 11. There is a short maths lesson for each day. The worksheets for each lesson are now below. You can complete the worksheet questions in your exercise book or on paper and then mark the answers. Don't worry if there are any questions you can't do on paper - you can leave these.


Lesson 1

Measure mass


Lesson 2

Compare mass


Lesson 3

Add and subtract mass


Lesson 4

Measure capacity


Friday: challenges on


Make sure you are also continuing to practise your times tables and number bonds daily using Times Tables Rockstars and NumBots:


Offline learning option: Use your fingers or a pen and paper to practise your times tables. You need to be able to recall the 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables in under a minute, so practise them one at a time until you can. You can use objects to help you if you need to.


As a change, have a watch of some of these Super Mover videos. See if you can learn the videos off by heart!


15 minutes three times a week

Pick one of the options below (you can do both if you would like, though!):


Online learning option - visit Spelling Frame to practise your spellings:


Offline learning option – pick 5 spellings from the Year 3/4 spelling list below. Use the list of spelling strategies provided to practise these spellings.


1 hour a day (but this can be done in short bursts throughout the day!)

Pick one of the options below (you can do both if you would like, though!):


Online learning options:

  1. Visit and do a SuperMovers video – do a different video every so often so you don’t get bored but keep going back to videos so you don’t forget!
  2. Visit for short and fun active sessions.
  3. Visit Joe Wicks’ YouTube channel where he does a live exercise session every day:


Offline learning:

  1. Create challenges for yourself. For example, keep count of how many star jumps you do in a minute and challenge yourself to do more each day.
  2. You could go bike-riding or jogging with an adult.
  3. Create a dance routine for your favourite song.
  4. Pretend the floor is lava. With an adult’s permission, put cushions and tea towels on the floor to help you make your way around the room without touching the floor.
  5. Play musical statues with your family.

PHSCE & Wellbeing

About 30 minutes

Here is your relaxation session for this week - Peace Out!


Up to 30 minutes

Have a watch of this Science Max video - there are some amazing experiments on here! Enjoy...

Foundation subjects

Up to

1 hour

Art/DT/Music/Creative: Watch this video - it is amazing the sounds you can make with everyday items that are around the house! Stomp...


Geography: Choose a topic of your choice to learn about!


Computing: Learn to code with Hour of Code.


BBC Bitesize now provides daily online lessons across lots of different subjects - have a look at their history lessons and explore their other lessons:


Weekly Activity/Challenge Video

Still image for this video

Weekly Activity/Challenge Video

Still image for this video

Miss Hatton reads Part 1 of Esio Trot

Resources for week beginning 20/04/2020