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Home Learning Hawthorn and Rowan Classes


Hello Hawthorn and Rowan classes! 


We hope that you are having a nice time at home playing, spending time with your family and also doing some learning to help you be 'on your way'. Miss Forster and I (Mr Mc) have absolutely loved teaching each and every one of you this year ( far) and can't wait to provide you with even more learning opportunities now that you are at home. 

First of all, take time to play and relax! Second of all, wash your hands! 


On this page we will include many things that you can read, watch, listen to, download etc to help you extend your learning through phonics, writing, stories, maths, exploring the world around you, family time, creativity and FUN. 

We will update this page every week with a 'learning grid' for the week. This grid will be full of suggested tasks that we would like to try and complete. 

This page will take the form of a 'learning journey', starting with week 1 and moving forward from there. 

If you do complete some work at home we would love it if you could upload your work by taking photos and videos - please upload this work onto Tapestry and we will try our very best to leave you a comment. 


For now, stay safe, take care 

Mr Mc and Miss Forster

Picture 1 Top 100 Things to do at home! Give it a go!

Have a look at what your friends and teachers have been getting up to!

Our Home Learning Journey: Week 2:

30th March 2020


Below we have included a photo of our new learning journey grid for the week.

Under the photo will be the document for you to download.

Picture 1

Phonics lesson 6: 'ow' (cow pow)

Welcome to your brand new phonics lesson! Today we will learn the digraph 'ow' (eg cow, pow, tower etc)

Phonics lesson 7: 'oi'

In today's lesson we learn the phase 3 digraph 'oi' (example: coin, noise etc)

Phonics Lesson 8: ear

Today let's learn the trigraph 'ear'

Phonics lesson 9: Throwback Thursday

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.


Our Home Learning Journey: Week 1:

23rd March 2020


This week you will have taken home your 'home learning packs'. 

These packs had many useful documents inside to help set you up for the week. 

Copies of these documents are included below for you to download. 

Picture 1

Week 1: Day 1: Phonics lesson 1: sound covered 'ar' (car)

Watch and join in with our phonics lesson for the sound 'ar'.

Post your own videos / pictures of your work from the video or joining in with the video to Tapestry
or tweet us @fields_st

Week 1: Day 2: Phonics lesson 2: Sound covered 'or' (thorn)

Watch and join in with our fun lesson to help you learn the digraph 'or'.
Upload videos or photos of you joining in or any work you do after the video to
Tapestry or tweet us at @fields_st
We will share your work and videos (if we can) on our website!

Week 1: Day 3: Phonics lesson 3: Sound covered 'ur' (fur)

Today's lesson will involve learning the digraph 'ur'. This is video 1 of 2.
The second video will include a game that you can play at home called 'Blankety Blank'!
Join in at home and let us see all of your fun at hard work by uploading photos to Tapestry or
tweet us @fields_st

Blankety Blank - phonics game idea

Have a watch and join in or create a game of your own. Big thanks to my two lovely colleagues

Wash your hands! (Tragedy)

Wash your hands, don't spread your germs!
Boys and girls, can you teach your parents our hand washing song?
Can you record your own version of the song to help others?
Upload to Tapestry, email your class email address or tweet us @Fields_St