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Home Learning Chestnut Class

Don't forget Chestnuts, Parents and Carers to log on to Zoom today (WEDNESDAY 8TH JULY 2020)  at 11.30am ( morning and FT children) and 12noon for afternoon children. The teachers are looking forward to seeing and speaking to you then! 

Hello Chestnuts, Parents and Carers!


This is the last week of home learning that I am posting on the school website before the summer holidays! I really cannot believe that this is week 15! Where have the weeks gone?!

I have really enjoyed uploading fun learning activities, songs and rhymes onto the website and Tapestry and I hope that you and your children have benefited greatly from this, especially during the last lockdown and the current lockdown that we are all in now. These are challenging times and we are not through the woods yet but I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Chestnut children- you have been a super class and amazing throughout this time and it has been wonderful to see  all  of your lovely photos of the learning you have been doing at home! The teachers have really missed you and we wish you all the very  best as you move into Foundation Stage 2!  Also we will be sad to see Mrs Young leave us at the end of this academic year; she has been a wonderful teacher for many years at St Mary's and we will miss her but we wish her a long and happy retirement!

Thanks to you parents and carers for all your support to the staff and to your lovely children; we really have appreciated it!                                                                                                Remember you still have this last week to email us if you have questions or queries about the home learning or anything else that may be troubling you.

Please upload any photos to the Chestnut email address.


Many thanks and happy holidays from the Chestnut Staff!



Home Learning GRID July 6th 2020 Week 15

Counting Sheet 1-7 Week 15 July 6th 2020

101 Summer activities for children 2020

Look at my super work!

Hello Chestnuts, Parents and Carers!


I cannot believe we only have 2 weeks left of home learning before the summer holidays!  Funnily enough it seems to have flown by!

I hope you enjoy the last week of learning about Minibeasts this week! Which has been your favourite minibeast? Talk to your family about your choice.

Don't forget to upload any photos of your home learning to Tapestry or you can email the Chestnut teachers on   Remember to put your child' name at the top of your email.

Well have a fun week and let's hope the sun continues to shine for you!

Extra Home Learning Ideas: Week 14

I have been busy learning at home!

Look at my super spiders i have made!

Home Learning GRID June 15th 2020 Week 12

Hello Chestnuts!


Hope you are all safe and well and had a good weekend.


Please find below your new learning for Week 11: June 8th 2020. 

Remember to do as much as YOU can manage; the most important thing is that you are spending quality time with your families and having fun! smiley

If you have any photos of what you have been doing at home then please upload to Tapestry or email the Chestnut teachers on the Chestnut email address putting your child's name at the top on your email.  It's been so lovely to see what you have been getting up to with your families these last few weeks!smiley

Parents/carers if you have any questions, worries or queries about the home learning or anything else regarding your child then please do not hesitate to contact Miss Daye and/or Mrs Young where we will be only too happy to help.


Happy home learning everyone!


From the Chestnut Class Staff


Hello Chestnuts, parents and carers!


We hope you had a lovely half term; the weather was great!smiley

Thankyou to all of you that sent photos or a video of what you did at home; we really enjoyed seeing what fun you had with your families!

Please see below this week's new learning; please do only as much as you can manage. The most important thing is that your child is HAPPY and having FUN!

Please continue to send photos of what you are learning at home by uploading to Tapestry and emailing us at


Take care children and have fun!smiley


From the Chestnut Staff


Extra home learning ideas! W/C 1st June 2020

We had a busy half term week!

I enjoyed half term being busy!

Hi all!


Hope you have all had a good week at home learning and having fun! smiley


Just to let you know that as it is half term next week: (25th -29th May) school will be closed and there will be no online learning on the website or Tapestry. Please use next week as fun, quality time with your families enjoying each other's company! 

If you would like to upload any photos of activities that you have been doing during the week, then upload to Tapestry or email the teachers at:  remembering to put your child's name at the top of your email. We always love to see what you have been getting up to!


Happy half term everyone; let's hope the weather is kind to us! 


From the Chestnut Staff.smiley

Look how busy we have been!

Home Learning Grid 18th May 2020 Week 9

Look at what we've been doing at home!

Hello Chestnuts, Parents and Carers!

The teachers hope that you are all safe and well!

Please find below the Home learning Grid for this week; I have incorporated the structured learning grid into 1 document to try and make it easier for you to read and digest rather than having 2 documents to open!

Thank you so much for your continuing efforts; we realise that it can't be easy trying to home school as well as looking after your child but you are all doing a grand job!smiley

As I have said before every child is different; try to do as much as you can manage; you know what suits your child best and how they process and learn information.

If you have any concerns about your child please do not hesitate to contact us on our class email address:  Alternatively you can ring the school office if you need to talk to the teachers if you have concerns about your child's (or your own) health and well-being. We are here to support  you every step of the way through this testing time.


Best Wishes,

Chestnut Staff.

Home Learning GRID: Week beginning: May 11th 2020. Week 8

Super home learning!

Home learning is fun!

We are so busy at home!

We have all been busy learning at home!

Hello Chestnuts,parents and carers!


Hope you are all safe and well! smiley


As the current lockdown continues you will see below that there are now 2 home learning grids for this week; the first one gives more of a structured format with ideas for the children's learning day by day in the areas of Communication and language; Letters and Sounds and Number work.

The second grid is the one you are normally used to seeing with lots of ideas and activities for you to enjoy based on the story and rhyme of the week. This week's story is The Very Hungry Caterpillar and every week i will post a new story and rhyme of the week for you to listen to and enjoy.

Please only do what you can and do not feel pressured to do everything; it's just a guide to suggested resources for your child.

Please upload any photos, and videos to Tapestry  or email us; We have really enjoyed seeing all your photos and the excellent things you are doing at home!


Well take care and stay safe everyone!

Happy home learning!


Chestnut teachers.

Look at my drawing of spring flowers!

Look what we are doing at home!

Look at my beautiful butterfly I have made using a tube!

Look at my home learning!

Hello Chestnuts!


Well we're now into Week 5 of home learning! We do hope that you are managing to keep safe and busy and are still continuing to have lots of fun enjoying learning with your families!

Please look at this week's home learning grid; remember parents that this is just a guide and a list of suggested ideas for your child, please do not feel pressured to do all the activities and do them at your own pace. Remember to keep the home learning FUN! That way your child will enjoy what they are doing and learn much more!


Don't forget to upload any pictures to Tapestry or you can email us at:  (Remember to put your child's name at the top of your email so we know who has emailed us).


We always like to see what you're doing at home!


Take care children - Chestnut teachers miss you and we are very proud of you all!  smiley


Stay safe,


 From your teachers in Chestnut Class.

Home Learning Grid. W/C 20th April 2020

Extra home learning activities. Week 5

Home Learning Grid Week 4 W/C: 13th April 2020

A Pet please Mama!


Watch and listen to Miss Daye read this story!


Use this link: 

Hi Everyone!


Just to let you know that I've uploaded a storytime session onto Saint Mary's you-tube channel!

If you would like to listen to the Tale of Peter Rabbit then please use this link:


I hope to upload some more Easter stories later this week so keep a look out on you tube! 


Happy listening! smiley


Miss Daye



Hi Parents/Carers!


Just to remind you that when you email us through the Chestnut email address, please put your child's name at the top so we know who it is and we can then respond accordingly.


Many thanks! 


Miss Daye and Mrs Young. smiley




Hi all!


Charanga YUMU do a lovely music resource online for children; it's the resource that we currently use at school. 

If your child would like to access YUMU please email me at:


I will then give you your child's password and number; they will then be able to log on to the web-site and use the resources!


Have Fun!


Miss Daye








Hi Chestnuts!


Well here we are in Week 3 of being at home with your families; we do hope that you are staying well and safe and having lots of fun learning new and exciting things!


Please see below this week's home learning grid with a few suggestions of things to do leading up to Easter! I'm sure that the Easter Bunny will be out this week collecting ingredients ready to make his chocolate eggs ready to deliver on Easter day! smiley


Please note that the activities suggested are just a guide for you; please do not feel that you have to do them all or in a certain amount of time. They are there for you to do at your leisure and at your own pace.


Please upload any photos/videos of what you've been doing over the Easter period onto Tapestry or email us via Chestnut email.


Well stay safe and well and we do hope you all have a lovely Easter!

From all the Chestnut Teachers. smiley


My shape work!

Still image for this video

Home Learning Grid Week 3 6th April 2020

Home Learning Ideas Week 3.

Hello little Chestnuts!


Hope you are all well and keeping busy whilst you're at home! smiley


Just a reminder that Chestnut staff would love to see or hear about what you've been getting up to at home and the fun things that you're doing with your families! I know that some of you have  already uploaded photos and videos onto Tapestry which is great too, thankyou! We are doing our best to reply to every one that sends something in.

Anyway, here's our class email address again for you:-


It would be lovely to see what you've been doing and share your photos with everyone!


Take care and stay safe and well!  smiley


Miss Daye and Mrs Young


Hello Chestnuts and Parent/Carers!


Mrs Young and myself hope that you are all safe and well and enjoying looking through your home learning packs! 

Every week I will post an update for you of fun and exciting things that you can do at home with your family but use this time to enjoy being at home, play, have fun and relax together.


Please upload any photos/pictures/videos onto 'Tapestry'; we would love to see how you are all getting on at home!


Remember to try and stick to a daily routine; I'll upload the one I sent you in your packs onto this page, and enjoy quality family time together! The weather is good so hopefully you will all be getting out for regular exercise once a day or if not then watch the daily exercise video lead by Joe Wicks every morning, it's great!


Well take care little Chestnuts, we miss not seeing you all at school but have fun at home and most of all:- Stay safe and Well!


Happy home learning!   smiley


Miss Daye and Mrs Young

Chestnut Home Learning: W/C 30th March 2020

100 things to do indoors and daily routine

My Easter crafts!

I like painting!

Look what I can do!

Look what I've made!

My art work!

My Guitar!

Our home learning Week 3

We're so busy learning and having fun at home!

My number work!

Look what I've been doing at home!